WMTS Frequency Coordination

Protect your WMTS system

The FCC created the Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) and dedicated bands of frequencies to promote the use of medical telemetry systems critical for patient monitoring. They mandated that all WMTS transmitters be registered through ASHE.

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Why register?

Here are a few reasons why it is important to register:

• Comply with FCC rules and regulations.

• Protect your WMTS system from interference from other users in the band.

• Track your WMTS deployments.

Comsearch is a technical partner with American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), providing frequency coordination services in the WMTS bands. The WMTS Frequency Coordination System allows you to quickly search for available WMTS frequencies, register them in the database, and download your coordination certificate.

WMTS registration made easy

It can be done in three simple steps:

Step One: Create an account by registering the main facility or hospital where your WMTS equipment will be installed.

Step Two: Use your login and password to access the WMTS Frequency Coordination System.

Step Three: Enter the pertinent data for your specific WMTS deployment, conduct a frequency search, and download your coordination certificate.