3650 MHz Quick Look

Quickly search for 3650 MHz and Earth Station systems

A free search tool to help you manage your spectrum and protect incumbent users in the band.

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Know your spectrum environment

  • Assess the spectrum environment in your area
  • Avoid harmful interference with other 3650 MHz users
  • Comply with FCC rules protecting grandfathered earth stations


As of April 17, 2015, the FCC will not issue any new Wireless Broadband Service licenses or license renewals in the 3650-3700 MHz band [see 47CFR90.1307(b)]. New WBS site registrations under existing licenses will not be entitled to interference protection from Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service users [see 47CFR90.13387(a)].

Click here to access the FCC rulemaking, FCC 15-47, “Amendment of the Commission’s Rules with Regard to Commercial Operations in the 3550-3650 MHz Band.”

What is 3650 MHz Quick Look?

A search tool that determines if your base station is close to:

• Other 3650 MHz systems

• Grandfathered earth stations

• Adjacent-channel C-band earth stations

• Federal Radiolocation stations